“...polished and quite dazzling.”
– New York Times

“...he [Holzman] displayed a command of his instrument that can only be described as masterful! ...Everything he touched came across with his bright vivid tone, controlled warmth, and easy grace in performance...” – The Toronto Star

“Brilliant! ...undoubtedly an artist without airs.”
– De Gelderlander (Holland)

“His playing is just perfect. When in the Netherlands last year he was billed as the best American guitarist, a claim for which Adam himself is much too modest.”
– Classical Guitar Magazine (England )

“Holzman is no longer “just” a talented young American guitarist; in the last few years he has emerged as a world class artist: his technique is virtuosic but always at the service of the music, his interpretations intelligent and tasteful, his performances characterized by meticulous preparation and intense emotional commitment to the music.” – Soundboard Magazine

“Holzman seems destined for a sensational career...already he has finesse of a seasoned guitarist. More significantly, he has a keen musicality.” – Fort Lauderdale News

“Holzman wooed the audience with his blend of excellent technique, a superb understanding of the style and haunting tonal beauty.” – Houston Chronicle

“...the center of this year’s program was his own transcription of Bach’s third unaccompanied Suite for Cello, so idiomatic for the guitar that the Holzman version might better be called a recreation.
... the performance was a masterpiece of controlled clarity and expressive light and shade, that made this familiar music seem like a new work for guitar.” – Toronto Star

“The stellar moment of the evening was Adam Holzman, who with great care of dynamics offered a neat, expressive interpretation of Castelnuovo Tedesco’s concerto. With a warm, brilliant sound, a display of color and appropriate vibrato Holzman acheived an execution which exploited the guitarists rescources.”
– El Norte (Mexico)